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About Us

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Carrier Grade Platform-as-a-Service for Real Time Immersive Telephony and Multi-media Services.

The Kodacall PaaS helps Developers rapidly and easily enable voice/video/data communications in their apps and websites, and helps Operators grow revenue and subscribers by attracting traffic- and value-generating apps.

It requires no plug-in , no download, no install, no sign-in and makes communication more embedded, more seamless and more instant from any websites and mobile application.

Kodacall being used on CBG
Kodacall being used on Golden Pages

Your Business Solution

Profiled Communication Analytics to Assist in the Sales Call

In call profiling for the incoming call, Strengthen buyer / seller relationship, Increase purchase conversation rate.

Affinity Webcare

Customer Care can be called directly from a company’s web-page. The agent receives this call on a web interface which also brings deep, real-time context information about the customer calling, enables co-browsing: agents can walk their customers through the company web page or remotely assist them filling forms.

Dashboard of Call Analysis – Call Detail Records & Web Access Records

Analytics of combined call detail records and Ad web page access records.

Our Skills

Web Frameworks based on Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, Ruby

Our Team

Kodacall has an international pedigree for a new web technology, which enables native Voice, Video and data communications from any web browser. This is borne from years of research at the TSSG.

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